In 2019, TEWLS embarked on a Legal Health Check project within Sector 4 of the Darwin Correctional Centre (DCC). Sector 4 of the DCC houses female inmates and as the site of a regular legal clinic, is an area well-known to TEWLS, as are its occupants.

TEWLS work in sector 4 at the DCC has provided an insight into the women incarcerated there that few others share. Providing civil law services to those women has revealed to TEWLS not only the extent of their legal needs, but the extent of their broader holistic needs, and the ever-continuing reality that if those needs go unaddressed their prospects of successful reintegration into the community remain slim.

In December 2020, TEWLS released the final project report. The report is titled Women Incarcerated at Darwin Correctional Centre – Advocating for and Shining a light on Women Ordinarily Invisible at a Policy, Systems and Structural level.